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Public FAQ

Application for membership requires a nomination from a current SVB member. A nomination is obligatory for membership, but it does not confer acceptance. Applications are evaluated monthly by the Membership committee.

One must be nominated by an active member to receive an application.

To nominate a potential member, members can use the 'nomination' form on the SVB app or website portal and submit their nominations. From here, an application will be sent to the candidate. Although a nomination does not guarantee acceptance, it is the only way to be invited to apply.

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Your SVB membership is non transferrable.

We encourage individuality, but guests are encouraged to be respectful in their choice of attire. Workout and yoga clothing are not allowed after 11am.

Children of all ages are allowed to come for Saturday and Sunday brunch. At all other times the club is restricted to guests 18 and older.

Smoking is permitted in the Smoking Garden, located behind the Living Room. Only cigarettes are allowed. Cigars and marijuana are not permitted.

Laptops are welcome at SVB, though we do discourage you from making this your home-office for the day. 

SVB is primarily a social club for our Members to disconnect from their busy lives. 

However, should you wish to use your laptop, we ask that all laptops remain indoors and not be used anywhere after 5pm. 

Our Living Room and Pool House provide generous seating for laptop usage, and members are welcome to take advantage of our Food and Beverage offerings in these spaces. You may also take phone calls in the Living Room until 5pm. 

The Blue Bar is considered our quiet zone on Mondays-Friday, 9am to 5pm. Please feel free to use your laptop here, but we ask that you keep team meetings and service requests to our Living Room and Pool House. 

SVB values privacy. Members and guests are expected to respect the privacy of others – we ask that no one be approached or interrupted unless the interaction is clearly welcomed by all parties.

That said, we are a social club and we simply ask that all parties are respectful of one and other.

The best way to meet and mingle with fellow SVB members is by attending our Member Programming Events.

Only members are invited to reserve bungalows for themselves or a guest. As an alternative, we have a sister property, Hotel 850 SVB, that is located directly across the street and open to the public. Members are welcome to book a stay by reaching out to New members get access to one complimentary stay.

To edit, add or change your contact details, please visit your Profile Page here.

Current SVB/Weho members will automatically have complimentary access to all of the new SVB locations the first year they are open.
If a member wants access to all locations after the first year, they may upgrade their membership to our Global Program. Members should contact for more information.

Situated on the corner of Ocean Ave. and Santa Monica Blvd, San Vicente Santa Monica will occupy the top floor and the roof of an office building that also has underground space for valet parking. There will be an indoor restaurant with jaw dropping ocean views, a 50-seat screening room, living room, event spaces, a discotheque, billiards room, two bars and a 5000 square foot full ocean view roof deck with a bar. Local designer Lisa Koch will create all of the interiors. 

San Vicente West Village will open in Summer/Fall 2024 as part of our purchase and renovation of the historic Jane Hotel, with interiors by the famous and incredibly talented British designer Rose Uniacke. The majority of the building will be reserved for San Vicente members and their guests- with multiple dining spaces and bars, event spaces, a screening room, a discotheque, a billiards room, a lushly planted roof garden overlooking the Hudson River, and luxurious guest rooms, each with private terraces. Half of the property will remain open to the public as a hotel with its own separate entrance.

Pending city applications, plans are in the works to add a large pool with cabanas and chaise lounges, along with additional outdoor dining tables directly behind the current property. 

To add a secondary contact person to your Membership, please visit your Profile Page here.

By adding a secondary contact person to your Membership, you consent to allowing them to request and cancel dining reservations on your behalf as well as allowing them to request receipts and update payment methods. 

Current SVB Weho members will automatically have complimentary access to all of the new SVB locations the first year they are open. If a member wants access to all locations after the first year, they can upgrade their membership to our Global Program for $50 a month. Members should contact for more information.

General Hours

Monday-Wednesday: 8am-11pm

Thursday-Friday: 8am-2am

Saturday: 11am-2am


Monday-Friday: 8am-10:30am


Monday-Friday: 11am-3pm


Monday-Wednesday: 5pm-11pm

Thursday-Saturday: 5pm-12am

Weekend Brunch

Every Saturday & Sunday, 11am-3pm

Out of respect for our members’ privacy, we do not allow non-members to tour the property. If you know a member, please ask them to invite you as their guest.

If you have a partnership proposal, please contact

Guests may use credit card or cash to pay for valet. Members may also put their valet bill on their house account.

We are unable to allow pets entry. Service animals are permitted. 

Though Members are welcome to text and email on their mobile devices throughout the property, we ask that phone calls be taken in our designated Phone Friendly Zones so as  not to disturb any other members and their guests. 

Phone Friendly Zones include our Living Room until 5pm, as well as our Smoking Garden & Front Desk Reception at any hour of the day. 

Members and their guests are prohibited from taking photos anywhere inside the club. Posting images of the club on social media or discussing anything that members and their guests witness during their visit is strictly forbidden. The only exceptions are at private events and member programming events. 

Members and guests are expected to respect the privacy of others. It is strictly forbidden to discuss anything that members or their guests witness during their visit. We also sticker non-members phones to remind them not to take photos and videos. 

Only members can host or sponsor events. If you are a member and want to learn more about events, please enter your inquiry details here, and someone from our events team will assist you. 

Membership renews automatically on an annual rolling basis.

Indoor vs. outdoor will always be accommodated but we do not guarantee specific areas of the club nor do we take specific table requests. Every location is designed to make your dining experience as welcoming and pleasant as possible. 

If you apply and don't hear from the Membership Committee within 6 weeks, this means that you have been waitlisted. If you are waitlisted, please don’t inundate us with requests for updates on your pending membership status. Try instead to seek out current members who are willing to nominate you. Members are able to submit nominations directly from their SVB mobile app, the SVB website or by reaching out to the SVB Membership Team. Multiple nominations from members will significantly enhance your prospects of becoming a member. 

We hold members accountable for their guests behavior.

We ask that Members refrain from taking any Zoom or video calls while at SVB as this does conflict with our zero-tolerance policy for photos, videos and audio recordings. 

However, we understand that Zoom has become a large part of our new normal. If you find yourself at SVB and need to hop on a video call, we ask that you please take it in the Screening Room if it is not in use. If the Screening Room is occupied, we recommend the Private Dining Room. 

To add a payment method or change the one you currently have on file, please visit your Profile Page here. 

SVB is a private membership club, not a restaurant open to the public. Guests must be accompanied by a member at all times while visiting the property.

Only Members may make breakfast, lunch and dinner reservations.

Guests must exit the property with the member who brought them in.

To reset your password or edit any other personal details, please click here!

We ask that Members refrain from bringing more than 2 guests unless they have a reservation. Table reservations may be made for parties up to 12 people.

Reservations between 9-12 people have a pre fixe menu and reservations over 12 people are considered a private event.

Our freeze policy allows members to freeze their membership once a year, and requires members to be up-to-date on their renewal dues before freezing. Freezes must be a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 6 months, and the freeze must be requested no later than 1 month before your next dues renewal.

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